Frequently Asked Questions

We work alongside key stakeholders representing government, the private sector, specialised agencies, academia and more to co-create and disseminate knowledge, practical solutions and actionable guidance to advance worker welfare in the green transition and economic diversification processes in the GCC region. To receive updates from Gulf Sustain, please sign up to our newsletter here. If you would like to learn more about the initiative, please contact us at

We break down silos, foster dialogue and encourage collective action. Through our network, your organisation can engage with other stakeholders working in the green transition and economic diversification fields in the GCC to share lessons learned, identify common challenges and contribute to the development of policies and practical solutions that advance worker welfare and sustainable development.

The Gulf Sustain online platform is a one-stop shop for accessing and sharing knowledge on the intersection between worker welfare, the green transition and economic diversification. As the Gulf Sustain initiative expands and develops across the GCC, nationally and regionally-relevant research and analysis will be published, alongside other relevant resources, events, updates, and country-level insights. If you have any resources that you would like to see in the Gulf Sustain Library, please get in touch at